I will guide you through the three pillars of developing
a personal brand that I practice myself.
Personal image
Together we determine what your greatest strengths are and what makes you stand out.
We find out what personal image you project on your surroundings.
Personal branding
We take the attributes that make you most memorable and apply them to terms and practices of personal branding.
Make it a project
Networking events, social media, personal attitude and fashion. To be perfectly understood and percieved, we need to communicate consistently, coherently and frequently, even without words.
I provide my skills to help coordinate projects of
(not only) self development.
I have a long history of drawing, painting, photography and writing stories. However, my creativity also spans across different fields as I create projects and support their existence and development.
I frequently communicate in Czech, English and Swedish. I love languages and learn more as I go. I find myself traveling around northwest Europe more than anywhere else so I also learn German, Danish and Finnish. Since Norwegian is similar to Swedish and Polish is similar to Czech, I understand those languages too.
My film background has taught me to respect the common purpose of strong individuals in different fields coming together to act as one and deliver results.
My written works lean heavily on human psyche and interaction in different conditions. I have many great psychologists in my network with whom I also explore the impact of the corporate world on human psychology.
I was engaged in the following projects:
Chytry Narod
A Czech multimedia project to enlighten the population in political matters through website articles and Youtube videos. I managed the project while my colleague, a political enusiast Jan Piroutek, created content.
The project is no longer active as it culminated in Piroutek's joining a nation-wide group of people interested in political upbringing.
Eastwood Carshow
A Czech Youtube show about cars which I co-created with my friend Jan Majurnik. We both managed the shooting and obtaining permissions for locations and cars, I also wrote articles for the project's website.
The project helped Majurnik to become a professional journalist and work at a car importer.
Overall, the Youtube channel contained 40 videos which garnered over 600 000 views.
Future Divide
A fictional world serving as a setting for books and short stories I write. Dubbed "sci-fi for people who don't like sci-fi", the stories happen on a background of a war on a distant planet in the future but talk about the relationships between the characters and different hypothetical scenarios such as what happens when a mother is missing in a family or what is a relationship between a father and a daughter.
I use this project for my psychological researches.
A non-profit organization based in Czechia, which supports independent film. The project exists in the form of a website and several sub-projects which help independent film makers with creation and distribution of their films.
I manage this project with my colleague Ondrej Krejcar who created it. Some of my duties involve managing our team of 5 external contributors, co-managing different sub-projects and writing articles for the website.
A Unitedfilm sub-project I created as a distribution platform for independent films. It allows any visitor to watch the films free of charge and is frequently updated.
At the moment I manage the external developers of the project, updates of the content and the project's promotion on various events.
Vortex also serves as a symbol for the prize Unitedfilm gives annually to the best film at its festival CinemaOpen.
A Unitedfilm sub-project that I created and undergone in 2015. In support of independent film I walked from Hradec Kralove, Czechia to Gothenburg, Sweden only on foot all by myself.
The project took 40 days to realize and I managed its promotion and resources, which also included getting sponsors and the creation of a website I had done by an external coder.
The project helped spread the awareness of the independent film and connect Unitedfilm to the foreign film makers and organizations, especially in Denmark and Sweden.
A Unitedfilm sub-project which is in its development phase. It describes a story of three independent film makers living in a fictional world dominated by a commercial film industry.
I co-created it and developed the characters' personal brands while my colleague Ondrej Krejcar wrote the story.
At the moment a season of 22 episodes is written along with a number of concept artwork and characters background stories in a comic book created by me.
An annual festival of independent film held by UnitedFilm. It also serves as a competition where independent film makers can win a grand "Vortex prize" and a financial reward.
The festial is held in two cities and has has existed since 2010, although I joined the team in 2014 as a supporting manager. My responsibilities involve creation of promotional material and organizing supporting programmes, along with with on the spot support for managing various obstacles that could arise for the whole duration of the event.

I am a simple man who enjoys the busy life in Prague, Czechia. I've always known that I wanted to help make this world better but wasn't sure how. My journey took me around the world and back and as an optimistic individual I used my strong will to push through any obstacles that could get in my way and learn as much as I could. Giving up is never an option.

After a brief work in the USA and 4 years of life in Sweden I decided that I wanted to put my roots back into Czechia and use the skills and mindset I developed outside to improve the local environment; responsibility, positive attitude, diligence - to name a few.

I put my creativity and will to help people into different projects which I enjoyed working on and hopefully inspired others. I feel that the world could use more positive attitude and overall personal development, which is why I take so much interest in personal branding as I believe it helps people reach their full potential, the same as I did with myself.

I spend much of my free time studying, learning not only interesting facts but also new skills that could help me on my journey. My main hobbies include Nordic cultures, photography, traveling, hiking, running, biking and painting. In the creative world and among friends I use my pseudonym Tomas Brian or simply Brian. If you would like to learn more, please visit my blog on motivation and corporate world.

According to 16Personalities.com's test I am an ENT-J commander. You can find the results link here.

(as compared to Steve Jobs, Margaret Thatcher or Franklin D. Roosevelt.)

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