Dating Beyond Borders - Czech

The entire episode of this popular Youtube show was filmed by me on my Steadicam. It was tough navigating through dense crowds in the tourist areas and in the windy streets but through a proper coordination we managed just fine.

Float On

A 48 Hour film competition project from 2014. I was responsible for Steadicam shots and writing Czech subtitles. The scenes of the thief and in the bar were shot on Steadicam completely.

Osud z komiksu

My first collaboration with Unitedfilm. This is a short humorous film where I, besides being a second camera, also used Steadicam and a home made crane. This project was completely realized on open source software, including the operating system.


This is a very obscure project and my second collaboration with Unitedfilm. I did several Steadicam shots here, including the opening grass crawl. This project was realized completely with open source software.

Colored water fountains

A short promo video for a local hydroinstallation company KTS-AME. I took a liberty there to stray away from the regular static shots you'd find in videos of this kind and looked for new and interesting angles and added slow motion, much to my customer's satisfation.

Car dealership vehicle overview

One of a series of videos I did for a local Nissan dealership. Most of the shots were made with a slider.


An episode from a series of short videos which I completely produced by myself, including the moderating on a camera. It was made for Unitedfilm and I introduced five indie films at a time.

Eastwood Carshow

One of many videos I did for my and my friend's personal project about cars where I took care of the whole production and sometimes I even appeared on a camera. I produced the majority of the videos on that channel.



It is a prerogative of a Steadicam Operator to create interesting shots and save the production some time (ie money) by making one fluid motion shot instead of having to make several static shots just to show a character walking through a room. It is my job to provide a smooth camera movement while keeping the camera stable and I enjoy it just like I enjoy working in a team based environment and meeting people so we can create cool and interesting films for people to see.

I was born in Czech Republic where I graduated from a film school with a focus on film technology. I work as a Assistant Camera and Steadicam Operator and have a practical knowledge of modern 3D stereoscopy and shooting on film medium. In my free time I do outdoor exercise, travel, paint pictures and write books.

I am fluent in Czech, English and Swedish. I can passively understand most of Germanic and Slavic languages and Japanese.